Cleaning Service Checklist

Our 75 Point Cleaning Service Checklist to Make Your Home Feel New Again.

Our cleaning service checklist is used as a GUIDELINE for cleaning your home. The overall CONDITION of your home determines how much our cleaner will be able to complete. We first focus on areas of your home that require the most attention (example: kitchen and/or bathroom).

For our NEW customers, we recommend our Introductory Cleaning (Deep Clean). This cleaning give our cleaning professionals the extra time and additional supplies to achieve the high-quality results we are known for. We'll make every inch of your home shine after a deep clean.

You can find a list of the extra services we provide on the Booking Form. Each of these services adds more time and use of more cleaning supplies to your cleaning package, so they will be charged extra. Refer to the “Booking Summary” section for your customized quote.

If you have any questions about our services or booking an appointment, please give us a call at 307-316-7009 or email us at
Standard Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Move In/Move Out
Clean all Cobwebs & Dust Shelves
Clean all Mirrors & Glass
Clean Counter Tops
Polish Towel Racks, Toilet Paper Holder
Dust all Light fixtures & Clean Sink(s)
Clean Tub & Tile
Clean Shower Door, Track & Glass
Dust Knick Knacks, Personal Items, & Hand Towel
Clean Sink Counters & Soap Dish
Clean Inside & Outside of Toilet. Clean the Base & Lid
Empty Garbage & Replace the Bag
Sweep, Vacum and Mop Floors. Make sure Corners and Edges are Clean
Dust Window Sills & Window Frame
Clean Cabinet Fronts
Clean Inside Linen Closet and Shelves
Dust Doors and Door Frames
Scrub Tile Grout
Dust Baseboards
Wipe Down Baseboards
Wipe Down Window Sills & Window Frames
Wipe Down Door and Door Frames
Clean Inside Medicine Cabinet
Clean Inside Cabinets
Standard Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Move In/Move Out
Gather Dirty Dishes & Load in dishwasher
Clean Cobwebs from Lights & Sills
Dust all Lights, Ceiling Fans & Blades
Take out Trash
Dust Windows, Sills & Ledges
Clean Table & Chairs
Clean Inside & Outside of Microwave
Clean Stove Burners; Clean Stovetop, Front, & Control Panels
Clean Sink Counters & Soap Dish
Sweep, Mop & Vacuum all Floors
Clean Counters & Backsplash
Empty Garbage & Replace Bag
Clean Front of all Cabinets & Handles
Clean Oven Hood
Wipe Down Window Sills & Window Frames
Dust Doors & Door Frames
Dust Baseboards
Dust & Disinfect Light Switches & Door Knobs
Wipe Down Baseboards
Sweep Pantry Floor & Wipe down Shelves
Wiped down Doors & Door Frames
Clean Inside Oven
Clean Inside Refrigerator
Clean Inside Cabinets & Drawers
Standard Cleaning
Deep Cleaning
Move In/Move Out
Clean Cobwebs, Dust shelves & Pictures
Dust Ceiling Fan & Blades
Clean & Buff Mirrors
Dust Furniture, Lamps, Lamp Shades & Hanging Lights
Clean Window Sills, Window Frames & Chair Rails
Dust & Tidy Knick Knacks, Personal Items
Vacuum, Mop or Hand Clean Floor. Make sure Corners & Edges are Clean
Make Bed & Change Sheets (If Clean Sheets made available)
Tidy Area, Fold Blankets, Arrange Pillows
Empty Garbage & Replace Bag
Dust Window Sills & Window Frames
Dust Ceiling Fans
Clean all Light Switches & Door Knobs
Dust Baseboards
Dust Doors & Door Frames
Wipe Down Baseboards
Wipe Down Window Sills & Window Frames
Clean Inside Linen Closet & Shelves
Wipe Down Door & Door Frames